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ARToolKit has compiled SDKs for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android all ready to download and use. We're eager to see what you'll build with our free and open source software for augmented reality.

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All packages include full source and binaries for ARToolKit, plus binaries of dependencies.

Latest Release: ARToolKit v5.3.1

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OS XARToolKit5-bin-5.3.1-OSX.tar.gzOpenSceneGraph-3.2.2 OS X 10.7+
Windows (Visual Studio 2013)ARToolKit v5.3.1R2 Setup (bin-win32-vs120).exe
Windows 8.1 (Phone + Store)ARToolKit for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 v5.3.1 Setup (bin-win64-vs120).exe
Source DependenciesOpenSceneGraphDSVideoLibOpenCV
OS XARToolKit5-bin-5.3-OSX.tar.gzOpenSceneGraph-3.2.2 OS X 10.7+
Windows (Visual Studio 2013)ARToolKit v5.3 Setup (bin-win32-vs120).exe
Windows 8.1 (Phone + Store)ARToolKit for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 v5.3 Setup (bin-win64-vs120).exe
Source DependenciesOpenSceneGraphDSVideoLibOpenCV
OS XARToolKit5-bin-5.2.1-OSX.tar.gzOpenSceneGraph-3.1.3 Mac OS X 10.6+
Windows (Visual Studio 2013)ARToolKit v5.2.1 Setup (bin-win32-vs120).exe
Windows (Visual Studio 2010)ARToolKit v5.2.1 Setup (bin-win32-vs100).exe
Linux (32-bit)ARToolKit5-bin-5.2.1-Linux-i686.tar.gz
Linux (64-bit)ARToolKit5-bin-5.2.1-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz
Source DependenciesOpenSceneGraphDSVideoLibOpenCV
OS XARToolKit5-bin-5.2-OSX.tar.gzOpenSceneGraph-3.1.3 Mac OS X 10.6+
Windows (Visual Studio 2013)ARToolKit v5.2 Setup (bin-win32-vs120).exe
Windows (Visual Studio 2010)ARToolKit v5.2 Setup (bin-win32-vs100).exe
Linux (32-bit)ARToolKit5-bin-5.2-Linux-i686.tar.gz
Linux (64-bit)ARToolKit5-bin-5.2-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz
Source DependenciesOpenSceneGraphDSVideoLibOpenCV

Using Unity?

The latest ARToolKit for Unity package includes a full project and examples source, plus binaries for plugins and utilities. Plugins and utilities sources are in the ARToolKit packages.

Latest Version: 5.3.1

Unity 5.3r1
OS X Tools:ARUnity5-5.3r1-tools-osx.tar.gz
Unity 5.3
OS X Tools:ARUnity5-5.3-tools-osx.tar.gz
Unity 5.2.2
OS X Tools:ARUnity5-5.2.2r2-tools-osx.tar.gz
Unity 5.2.1
OS X:ARUnity5-5.2.1-OSX.tar.gz
Windows:ARToolKit for Unity v5.2.1 Setup.exe
Unity 5.2
OS X:ARUnity5-5.2-OSX.tar.gz
Windows:ARToolKit for Unity v5.2 Setup.exe