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JSARToolKit and Three.js

Augmented Alignment is a web page that uses JSARToolKit and Three.js to render 3D models over real world objects.

Integrating OpenCV with ARToolkit

In this tutorial we are going to preprocess the video in ARToolkit to deal with poor lighting situations using OpenCV's Retina Filter.

Drawing A Line Between Two Markers With Unity

Learn how to draw a line between two markers with Unity and gain a deeper understanding of the ARTrackedObject script.

FREAK Image Features

In Computer Vision and Image Processing, image features have become a powerful tool with a variety of uses.

April Newsletter

The ARToolKit plugin for Unreal Engine, and ARToolKit collaborates with Sensics adding AR to OSVR.

Profile of a Developer Working with ARToolKit

This is an article about the learning curve to using ARToolKit and creating augmented reality (AR) applications. It includes my experience and my recommendations on how to get up and running with developing AR applications.

February Newsletter

We have some exciting news! Last year, we launched a contest for young developers (ages 16-23) to build fun, useful and innovative AR applications. We had a great response from you guys and are very pleased with your involvement.

Why ARToolKit?

Since DAQRI acquired ARToolKit, numerous people have asked the straightforward question - "why"?